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A Little About Me…

I have had the most amazing, fun, and adventurous life – filled with so many exciting and unique experiences. Friends and family consistently tell me I should write a book…but I can’t sit still long enough to do that because I am afraid of missing out on something more exciting that could be waiting around the corner!

Born and raised in Western Canada, I am very proud of my Canadian roots. However, as much as I love Canada…I do not love the brutally cold winters, so I headed to the desert and lived in Las Vegas for 25 years which is where I first became a Wedding Officiant. Serving weddings in the ‘Wedding Capital of the World’ was exhilarating!

My most memorable adventures growing up began when I received my “wings” as a glider pilot at age 16; I was a private pilot at age 18; went skydiving at 19…and then decided it was time to learn how to drive a car. I worked in the travel industry for many years as a flight attendant, airline reservations, travel agent, and then a large internet travel company. I LOVE to travel! The travel industry became very unstable so I transitioned to public sector positions where I worked in Human Resources for both Fire and Police departments.

While public sector jobs offer stability and perks, I was itching to get out of the stifling office environment and become self employed. I always knew in my heart that I wanted to be independent and “do my own thing.” We all know the hardest part of stepping into the entrepreneurial world is figuring out – “what is that thing?” What profession, idea, or concept is the one that will inspire, evoke passion and emotion that makes you realize…I found it!

It was quite by accident that I happened to stumble upon this new profession of becoming a “Wedding Officiant.” After attending a friend’s elopement on the Las Vegas strip and experiencing a very cold and “loveless” experience, I decided to check into this individual’s “job title.” When I first mentioned it to friends and family – they thought I was crazy for even considering being a wedding minister/officiant/reverend. I cry whenever I watch a wedding on TV, or while watching “Say Yes To The Dress!” I did some research and set out to obtain the necessary credentials, licensing and permits to officiate weddings. With the Ordination and guidance provided through American Marriage Ministries, I taught myself how to do an actual ceremony…and then, several hundred more creative ceremonies in every location imaginable!

There are no words to express the overwhelming honor, love, and blessings I receive as I unite each Couple in love. This profession is the most rewarding and fulfilling of all my life experiences.

Serving weddings in Florida is an absolute dream…the beaches, the ocean, the foliage, the venues, fellow vendors – all amazing! The humidity is a bit of a pain but nothing extra hairspray and an added layer of professional makeup can’t fix!

Welcome to Paradise….weddings in Florida are truly magical in every sense of the word, with endless romantic locations and sunsets to share your vows! 💖


It is equally as important to me, as it is to you – that we have a warm connection. To determine our compatibility, we will converse on the phone, in person, or just be pen-pals through email, and get to know each other.

This is your life changing day and you MUST be comfortable with the person that is uniting you in marriage.


Since July of 2014, I have performed over 1100 ceremonies. I have met so many amazing people, performed ceremonies at so many unique and wonderful weddings and I have so many stories…

  • I have performed wedding ceremonies for two, and as many as 300 guests, with a bridal party of 30;

  • I performed an exciting (and a bit scary) ceremony that was 90 seconds in length for United World Sports in front of 40,000 fans at the USA Sevens Rugby Tournament on the Sam Boyd Stage;

  • And then there were the heartfelt and poignant ceremonies that were a last wish for a terminally ill bride/groom and/or family member;

  • Private ceremonies for celebrities;

  • Ceremonies for disabled and special needs couples;

  • Ceremonies for international couples that do not speak English;

  • Ceremonies where the bride and groom laughed and/or cried uncontrollably; one or the other vomited during their vows; someone snorted, sneezed, and farted; members of the bridal party passed out;

  • And then…there are the “too much to drink” experiences…

  • Ceremonies in hot air balloons are always fun…but so were the ones…in a bathroom, a mansion, a barn, a chapel, backyard, on a gondola, on a beach, at fancy golf and country clubs, in the mountains, on a helicopter, a pod on the High Roller, hotel suites, state parks, at museums, a winery, balconies and rooftops, a professional baseball diamond…and I’m sure there are more.


I want this experience to be magical, meaningful, memorable, and all about the two of you. Every couple I meet is special and unique; your ceremony should reflect your awesomeness!

Since you don’t get married on a regular basis (hopefully!), how can you possibly know what your vision is for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony? That’s what I am here for. I will guide you through every part of the creation of your ceremony: the length, style, format, content of your ceremony; I will assist you with your vows and provide inspirational readings to review.

Together we will discuss if a unity tradition is right for you and which ritual is unique to the two of you.  I am happy to perform any unity ritual you request and customize it to your wishes.

There is no better time than at the altar to reflect upon the wonderful moments that led up to your wedding day. Let’s share a few words about your love story and how your love evolved over time, and led you to the altar.

And…let’s not forget your guests! It is my goal to keep your guests fully engaged as well. There are several ways to include close family members and friends as participants in the ceremony, which is a special honor for them and very touching moment for the two of you!

Let’s create your memorable wedding experience together!

I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your life changing wedding day!

Hugs and Blessings,   Bonnie

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