Here is a fun flower fact from my favourite florist in the world….Ana.  She is as beautiful as the flowers she works with (and she is Colombian so that makes her even more special)!  She has obviously been getting a lot of requests for PEONIES – so I thought I would share.  FYI…



Dear Brides,

After receiving so many inquiries about peonies, keep in mind the following details when choosing peonies as your main bouquet flower:

*Peonies are NOT available in the months of August, September, and October. They are NOT in season.
*Peonies do come back on November but the blooms are smaller for the winter months, please check with us for availability on colors.
*The BEST time for peonies are April-July.


For future floral requests, don’t hesitate to contact Ana!

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Phone Number: 702-782-7540